My Services


A bespoke portrait session like no other. I create striking photographs that tell a story about you with lights and shadows.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  Facilitation

Play with a purpose. Unlock the full potential with customized workshops that answer your big questions with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

Master of Ceremonies

Personable, engaging, organized, and composed. Let me evaluate your next event by pulling all the elements together.



Your photographs should be as remarkable as you.  Let me help you tell your visual story.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving technique for use with organizations, teams, and individuals. It draws on extensive research from the field of business, organization development, psychology and leraning, and is based on the concept of "hand knowledge."
Trained by one of the original creators of the method Robert Rasmussen in 2017, I am certified to design and facilitate workshops using LSP method version 2.0. Here is a sample of the workshops using the LSP method that I offer:

Team Growth

Develop and sustain high-performing teams through purposeful play and insightful conversations.

Conflict Coaching

I partner with an experienced conflict coach to help you renovate conflicts.

Collaboration and Innovation

Understand what really matters and deliver value faster though co-creation and Agile practices.

Culture Design

Lean forward and create a culture that is embraced by and resonates with every team member.

Strategy Making

Harness the collective knowledge and create strategies to navigate through times of uncertainties.

Personal Development

Understand your values and motivations by taking a deep dive into your unconscious.

Master of Ceremonies

With over 15 years of event planning and hosting experiences, I can keep your next event running smoothly.

Detail Oriented

I have an eye for the finer details, paying attention to all the little thing that add up to the perfect experience for the hosts and the guests.


I am quick-witted and flexible.  I work with the room and keep the auidence engaged, entertained, and ergnized.

Skilled Communicator

I am clear, concise, and thoughtful in my communications.  I am focused in my interactions and am a great listener.

See the Big Picture

I keep the big picture in mind, making sure that everything in the event is integrated and flows from one item to another.

About Me

I am a change agent, a giver, a servant leader, a problem solver, and a collaborator.  I have a curious mind and a diverse set of skills to offer.

Building human connections brings me joy.

I am trained in computer system technology (BCIT), criminology (SFU), Agile leadership (UBC), the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (Rasmussen Consulting), and photography (Langara College).

I am the creator and host of Talking Harps, a project dedicated to connecting the harp world through conversations.

I help others unlock their potentials through coaching and facilitation.  I believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

How can I help you?

A portrait that tells a story about you.  A self-discovery session that unlocks your potentials. 
A team building exercise that is purposeful and fun.  A strategy workshop that equips your team for the future.
If any of these sound like something you are looking for, then let's talk!

Write to me at letstalk @ or connect with me on: